Sunday, June 14, 2009

Feeding Frenzy in Vietnam

I'm grateful that I'm able to pack up my bags and take short holidays at a moments notice. I was in Vietnam this week-end.

The idea for the trip came up because I wanted to eat authentic Vietnamese food. The idea became a plan when I came across several good deals - US$50+ tax for airfare, US$30 per night in a nice hotel in the backpackers' area.

As expected, food was good, plentiful and cheap. I spent an average of US$3 per meal. It would be impolite to ask me how many meals I had in a day.

On my last day, I went into a feeding frenzy. So little time, so much food to try.

Or - the food in Vietnam might run out, one never knows with this Socialist states - so I figured that I should take as much as I could while the going is still good.

I burned most of the calories by walking and walking under the hot sun.

I wasn't particularly after the exercise. There were ambulant food vendors every 100 meters or so and I didn't want to miss anything. My feet ached. I was sweaty and grimy. But I was a man with a mission.

In between eating, I took pictures. Check out my Flicker page for my complete Vietnam photo set by clicking here.

I stalked a monk.