Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Secret Life of Nora Aunor and Michael Jackson

Nine months after this photo was taken, Maria Leonora Teresa (MLT) was born.

Upon learning the true identity of her parents, MLT went into a state of shock, turned completely white and became catatonic.

Deranged with grief, Nora Aunor started bringing her petrified daughter everywhere she went, telling everyone that the poor child was just but a doll.

Tirso Cruz III, her erstwhile screen partner, was paid P50 million pesos to go along with the charade. Because of this, showbiz insiders started calling him Pipty (as in pipty million fesos), which eventually became shortened to Pip.

Pressured by his family, Michael Jackson went back to America and, shaken by the experience, wrote a song about the sordid affair.

That song was about his one night stand with Nora and his disownment of their daughter.
Below is an excerpt from the original lyrics , as written by Michael , before being edited by his production company.

Nora "Nor is not my lover
She's just a girl who claims that I am the one

But the doll is not my own

Wracked by guilt, Michael slowly began to transform himself into the image of his lost daughter

Although Michael and Nora were never seen together in public again, unconfirmed speculations on the existence of another child remain. They say that show-business runs in the blood. This may very well be true in this case as the rumored second child is no other than . . . . Weng-weng .

Abandoned as a baby, Weng-weng was adopted by a poor family who thought he would bring them luck because of his uncanny resemblance to the Child Jesus.

Nevertheless, in spite of a short but memorable brush with fame, Weng-weng died alone and penniless.

In a surreal twist to the MJ/MLT dynamic described above, Weng-weng
tried to fashion himself into the image of his birth-mother.

(Last photo from

No one can tell what has happened to Maria Leonora Theresa although we do have our suspicions.

This story makes me very sad.

The end.


Anonymous said...

You are really one of the DAKILANG HIStory DETECTIVES of this generation. Sanay Dumami pa ang lahi mo. SALUDO ako sa iyo.

Anonymous said...

YOU are really one of the DAKILANG HIStory detectives of our generation. Sanay dumami pa ang LAHI mo. SALUDO ako sa iyo.

Pretty Len said...

ok, so this entry really tells me i should be happy you have Kalomo to look forward to... funny how changing 2 letters have it spell out Kokomo :-)

Jun-G said...

funny! laughing out loud while reading this post... hahaha...

regular visitor mo na ako... hehehe...

Anonymous said...

on the cover: "then cum special interview by Tito Nards" yaiyks... hahaha.