Sunday, August 30, 2009

Something Smells Rotten in the State of the Nation

When something like this happens in a country where this is happening.... have to wonder who has the real dignity?

I love my country

But there are a few people I don't like.


jun-g said...

this kind of people who are corrupt in our country are like rotten tomatoes in a basket full of tomatoes. they must be taken out for they will hasten the spoilage of the tomatoes in the basket...

tsk... tsk... tsk...

what can "i" do? few things. what can "we" do? many things. this is a call not just for individual efforts but for communal efforts. we need many people who can stand for there conviction and principle and fight with all their might for our country's justice and peace.

of course, i will continue to do the few little things that i believe can contribute to the restoration of our dignity as a Filipino.

thanks tarcs for this reminder that i am a pinoy.

life-with-christ said...

tarcs, sama mo kaya si GMA or si mikey sa Zambia, baka magkaroon ng change/conversion of heart...iyon lang kung type mo sila kasama...tutal naman kamukha ni GMA si nora :)