Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wala Lang

Today is my Mom's 2nd death anniversary. I totally forgot about it. Manang had to remind me this morning.

Coincidentally, last night, I was out with the same group of friends who kept me company the night she died.

Some things change. Some things stay the same. Life goes on.

I'm sad. I feel left behind.

I'm hoping that prolonged staring at my miniature Christmas tree collection will cheer me up. Not working so far.



4t said...

i share your loss. it is sad.

Anonymous said...

I know you say you aspire to be a serious writer, but I just wanted to tell you... you already are. I found you as I read Ginger Ammon's blog. Incidentally, my fiance and I both served in the Peace Corps and I also stumbled across Wyatt's blog and was tremendously moved by Ginger and her family's responses to the tragedy. I've followed Ginger ever since. I've added you - as I have her - to my Google Reader and look forward to reading more. Kudos to you for having a gift for words and expressing what you feel.