Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sayang's Fiction

Let me tell you my secret.

In the 1960’s, there was an international, top-secret project involving the breeding and development of superior human beings genetically designed to have the looks, skills and abilities necessary to rule the world.

I am a product of this project.

You don't know about the project because , obviously, you were never a part of it.

The laboratory site was invaded by a fleet of marauding aliens before work on me could be completed.

Deficient in hair follicles, a sense of rhythm and mathematical skills, but otherwise perfect in every way, I was able to escape.

I have since roamed the world searching for others who may have survived that horrible invasion – that I may banish the solitude of my genius.

But my enemies are never far away and I must escape them.

For protection - aside from my intellect, good looks and various skin care products - I come armed only with 36 pairs of shoes to match my various disguises.

In my wanderings, I have had to pretend to be a chef, a movie star in Japan, a teen-age dork, a model, a philosopher , an art critic and, most unfortunately, a vegetable salad.

At one point – oh the horror, the sheet horror – I even had to pretend to be a singer.

But I am weary of being a fugitive; tired of the games I have had to devise to amuse myself.

Tonight, in the cave that is my hiding place, I strip off the latex of my fat suit - my latest , most disgusting disguise - and stare into the mirror.

I see my real self - ripped, lean with a six pack abdomen with which glass could be cut.

I think of all that could be.

I sigh.

I say to myself….



Dprabo said...

Sayang. Another word we have in common. http://www.kamus-online.com/index.php?key=sayang&max=iden
Are you sure the experiment didn't take place in Java?

4t said...

this should be made into a movie.

The Blogger said...

Hi, Tarcs, I imagined your Kiko episode and I just had to laugh :-)

enggay said...

love it!