Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Was a Teen-Age Dorky Dork

My elementary/high-school email group is very active. We have our own web-site. Mini-reunions are being planned and held all over the world.

Amongst ourselves, we share a lot of history but, prior to this renewed friendship, our knowledge of each other was largely from our time together as students.
At that time, we were probably too absorbed in our own troubles and uncertainties (our so called teen-age angst, if you will :-) ) that we had very little capacity to be aware of or sensitive to the concerns of others.
Coming together as adults - we can look back and laugh at each other and ourselves

But, no mater how anyone tries to rationalize it now, I was a dork.

Being the cool and suave person I am now – it might be hard to imagine I was anything but.

Let me make my point:

1. One day, walking through the school grounds, I was hit in the head by a volleyball. The ball whacked me on the head and then bounced off. I pretended not to notice and walked right on. It was either that or: a) get mad; b) volley the ball back; d)faint from the pain – all of which I was too embarrassed to do. This is the first time I am publicly sharing this story.

2. In Music class in grade school we were required to perform at the end of each term to showcase our musicality. I have no musicality. To pass the class, I lip-synched and danced to a 45’ recording of Long Haired Lover from Liverpool. Our former teacher is now a nun. I'm not saying these two events are related but - one never knows.

3. My prom date dumped me . The date started really well. Picked her up. Had the corsage. Somebody else ended up bringing her home. I ended up helping the Food Committee clean-up and bring the left overs home. Prom Date is now one of my oldest,dearest and closest friends. Jon Cryer would play me in the movie. Molly Ringwald would be Prom Date. Huh, what? They made it into a movie already? Imagine that :-).

4. I was crowned Mr. Nutrition of 1976. They cancelled the competition immediately after.

Who am I kidding? I'm still a dork. But, now YOU have your own examples to prove it


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Dprabo said...

A dork? You? Really?! Next time we go to karaoke please do that lip-sync for me.