Sunday, October 5, 2008

State of My Nation Address

a) I’ve found that the best way to immediately cope with any kind of depression or failure is to do a good deed.

First, it takes your mind off your situation.

Second, it lets you acknowledge that there might be problems greater than yours. We've heard one variation or the other of this throughout our lives (i.e. "think of all the children in China" - this was, of course, way before China started on the road to economic superpower-hood) .

The third reason is a bit more compelling. Doing something good for others (especially at your "down-and-out-est") - and not expecting anything in return - is empowering. It makes you feel less helpless. As as a pick-me-up, this sure beats bingeing, self-pity, whining, moaning and boring your friends with all of the above- hands down.

I've since added "generosity" to the blessings for which I pray when I'm introuble, ie - "Lord, in this time of trial, please give me strength, wisdom, courage, sincerity and generosity".

b) I can't explain nor control everything. Me, being me, I'm going to try but if I can't - then I'll just have to let go and respect the flow. Things always eventually explain themselves (or as Inday Badiday’s mother supposedly said, “Even the falling of a leaf has a reason”). Going with the flow sometimes means momentarily going flaky (i.e. breaking into song, biting people, etc) as I adjust but then again that's what makes me so interesting.

c) When things go crazy around me, I go to my Center. No, it's not a pet name for a certain anatomical part. No, it's not my tummy either (although one of my beliefs is: “When in doubt, eat”). My Center is that place inside me (sorry, even I, am rolling my eyes as I write but bear with me ) where it's quite and peaceful and there's a voice saying - "You are a good person". "You will see this through". "You ate too much" ...ooops, scratch the latter.

Anyway, when things go crazy – I try to detach myself from the situation, think good thoughts, and concentrate on my breathing until it's even. I picked that up from meditation class. It works. I think the key is getting into a calm, peaceful state. Maybe it's the breathing. Anyway,did I mention I go flaky sometimes?

d) I'm not entitled to anything. I'm a first born and for the longest time, I was the cutest child (till about two years ago). That has, unfortunately, lead me to believe that things will fall into my plate just because I am.
But, that's not how the cookie crumbles. You gotta work it, baby. Then again, working your ass off doesn't necessarily guarantee you anything but it's better than staring into space and waiting to die.

e) We should all ask ourselves the question - What Am I Good At and How Can I Use It? For myself, I have the gift to communicate and inspire (I do, really).
I have the gift of listening and getting people to talk about themselves (an offshoot of being naturally curious about other people's lives - ok, I'm nosey). I'm able to connect with all sorts of people. I'm curious. I'm mildly entertaining (if all else fails, I go for the self-deprecating bald/fat jokes). Ok, so - what do I do with these gifts aside from going into show business? I'm still figuring this out.

But, I have a feeling I might find out soon – Watch out for this space!


Paolo Viloria said...

Dude, I do not know what to make of that smile of yours. Either you're: a) pondering on what a midget our president is, b) proud of standing next to the president, then realizing how ridiculously tiny she might look next to you, or c) you've concocted a spurr-of-the-moment koan to immortalize the situation you've been blessed with.

Tarcs said...

Hey Paolo: That's actually a smile of relief as I'm being beamed up ahead by Scotty. My posse back at the Enterprise were so glad to see me again :-). Hey, I like what youve started on your blog. Post some more!