Monday, October 20, 2008

Quotes that Have Inspired me in Countless Profound Ways

Some people quote from great literary works of art – I quote lines from characters on prime-time:

Ugly Betty's Father – “ Growing up is not about making the right decisions; its about dealing with the consequences of the decisions we make

Lucas from One Tree Hill – “Sometimes all we can pray for is the courage to wake up another day

So, shoot me.


Renee said...


The quote from Ugly Betty's father was actually your own. I still remember vividly that back in 2002 or 2003 when we met in your pad, you told me to never let anyone stop me from pursuing my dreams. And that we should just be responsible for the consequence of our decision. This inspired me and had given me courage to pursue my desires. So you see, this quote which had inspired you is actually a projection of your own convictions. I just thought I had to tell you because you yourself has inspired other people like me, in countless profound ways :) GOd bless you!


Tarcs said...

Hi Renee: Salamat.Pero, your life choices are also a source of inspiration for me and Im sure many others. I'm very proud to be your friend. God bless us all always.