Monday, October 27, 2008

You'll Live Longer But You Won't Have Any Friends

The stink in farts controls blood pressure.

"Nuff Sad.


Marisa said...

Thanks for the info. This is such a comfort for us... :-)

Anonymous said...

Couple that with the laughter that follows after the farts, and you have "the best medicine with the benefits of regulated blood pressure". You can even write a book about it.

I'll even give you working titles:

"The Wind Breaker: a Stinking Classic" by Fermin Taruc

"Fartee Animals: an Unneccessary Study in Sphincter Induced Healing" by Fermin Taruc

"It wasn't me: Confessions of a Fartaholic" by Fermin Taruc

"It was me! The benefits of being down wind" from the best smelling author of "It wasn't me: Confessions of a Fartaholic"

So many possibilities... :p

-Paolo V.