Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where's your daddy? Tell me where's your daddy!

According to Facebook, I have been to 58 cities in 17 countries. I don't usually take pictures during trips anymore. But the few times that I do, or somebody sends me a set from their own camera, they just get forgotten.

I was cleaning up pictures this afternoon and came across these ones. Before I delete them - let's have some fun.

If you can tell me where these pictures were taken (bonus points for tie-breaking for those who can tell exactly where in a city or country) - winner gets a prize of his/her choosing as long as it doesn't involve money or giving up my body for your earthly pleasure.

Some of the pics are really easy. For the others, you'll have to look at the background for clues and make some logical conclusions.


Anonymous said...

5th pix from the top is - - - Natural History Museum, London. Hehehe! Am enjoying so much your blog site, my dear Tarcs. And Oh, how I miss you so much!!!

Tarcs said...

Hi Anonymous: Yeah, galing ah. At last may pumatok din sa survey ko, haha. Kinda hard though to figure out who you are unless you tell me your name :-). Let me know and Ill tell you if I miss you as much :-)

pretty len said...

The one where you were beside Nelson Mandela seems familiar!

We learned some good words that day, didn't we? :-)